CRI 400

CRI 400

CRI 400 is test set for testing Common Rail Injectors. With its ergonomic design it provides a more efficient workspace and prevents loss of space. The simulator, nozzle tester and all the neccessary equipment are together in the set which provides ease of use and helps you to save time.
With CRI 400 you can test various types of CRI produced by different brands at the same quality level. It can be used with EAS 100 and EAS 200 Nozzle Tester.

Wide Range of Products

You can test BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO and SIEMENS with CRI 400.


Code Description
CRI 400 M 100Test Kiti
CRI 400 ETK 001
CRI 400 ETK 002
CRI 400 ETK 003
CRI 400 ETK 004
CRI 400 ETK 005
CRI 400 ETK 006