CRI 103/104

CRI 103

CRI 103 is a test set for evaluating BOSCH Common Rail Injectors. With its useful design, electronic simulator, software and surface gauge, you can easily perform your tests with high accuracy.

Content & Features
Electronic Simulator
Surface Gauge
Test Data Software

CRI 104

CRI 104 is an extended set for assembling BOSCH Common Rail Injectors. The wide range of measurement tools guide you through each step of repair and mounting spare parts such as valve, steel ball, nozzle etc. It is fully compatible with CRI 103 BOSCH CRI Evaluation Set.

Content & Features
Durable Case
Wide Range of Tools
Ease of Use

Optional Set
Laptop with Pomtest Software
Digital Microscope
Reference Sheet for Microscope


Code Description
CRI 103 D 001Electronic Simulator
CRI 103 D 002Test Stand with Gauge (0,001)
CRI 104 D 001Digital Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 002Digital Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 003Mechanic Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 004Mechanic Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 005Mechanic Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 005Mechanic Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 005Clamp
CRI 104 D 006Shim Measurement Gauge (0,01)
CRI 104 D 007Electronic Microscope
CRI 104 D 008Plastic Holder
CRI 104 D 009Holders
CRI 104 D 009Bottom Measure Tool
CRI 104 D 010T Spanner
CRI 104 D 011Spanner
CRI 104 D 012Spanner
CRI 104 D 013Spanner
CRI 104 D 014Spanner
CRI 104 D 015Torque Spanner
CRI 104 D 016Pincers Set
LM 101Laptop with Software