As Pomsan, we have been designing and producing various test equipment for diesel injection systems since 2007 to provide you, our precious customers the most effective solutions. The solutions we provide came up with the endeavor of a highly motivated, experienced and knowledgeable team. Our aim is to provide you new and better solutions for your requirements and demands in accordance with our expertise, to have the same quality level with globally known brands and to maintain this quality level today as well as in the future. We are aware of the importance of continuous improvement and the essence of creating and providing value via our products both for you and for our success. Therefore, in everything we do, we strive to help you use better diesel testing equipment in your precious business.

Our mission is to combine our extensive knowledge in engineering with our advanced designing skills for creating and providing value for you via our products.


We are dedicated to be one of the leading global brands in terms of designing and producing diesel injection testing equipment by using innovative technologies and efficient processes.